Running On Perpetual Ledger


Quarkonium is a digital asset simulation system of perpetual motion to build an unstoppable application platform. As interpreted in the whitepaper, adaptive autonomy mechanism makes the system evolving fast before equilibrium. And the founding infrastructures and constitutions can be updated or upgraded upon certain consensus throughout the evolution.

Quarkonium Cloud

Infrastructural facilities are built-in modules and components in Quarkonium Cloud / Nebula, a smart cloud of distributed ledger technology (DLT). Quarkonization is the core concept to build those infrastructural facilities.


Constitutional facilities are derived from Dasset™, the core simulator to define digital asset entropy in the system. Dassetization is the core concept to build those constitutional facilities.

Various simulators and an omni ledger plays essential roles in the Quarkonium system.

Guide To Use

Quarkonium Wiki

Quarkonium Wiki tunnels user-generated-contents from Quarkonium Cloud Github community. This wiki is designed for all people who are interested to know about or contribute to the Quarkonium project and its ecosystems in terms of proof of concept, products, investments, etc.

Quarkonium Docs

The developer oriented Quarkonium Docs provides a cookbook to set up a 0-to-1 quarkonium hand by hand. Please checkout to install, build and test as well as contribute to the Quarkonium ecosystem.

Algobet Labs

Algobet Labs is an alliance of project initiatives and innovations.

Quarkonium Project

The project homepage.

Quarkonium Cloud

The smart cloud.

Quarkonium VR

The quarkonium implementation in virtual reality scenes.

Dasset Project

The omni digital asset ledger.

Algorand (Kirin)

The proof of random (POR) consensus based blockchain infrastructure proposed in the Quarkonium system.