Quarkonium is a cyberspace constitution running on an unstoppable distributed ledger network. As interpreted in the whitepaper, adaptive autonomy mechanism makes the system evolving fast before equilibrium. And the founding infrastructures and constitutions can be updated or upgraded upon certain consensus throughout the evolution.

Kraken Release KRAKEN Release

Quark OS

An Allbotization Implementation

The Quark OS Kraken Release is an Internet operating system of the blockchain / distributed ledger in the Quarkonium cyberspace.

Quark Coin

A Tokenization Implementation

The Quark Coin Kraken Release issues a utilities token system within the genesis configuration for the Quarkonium ecosystem.

Kirin Release KIRIN Release

Quark Cloud

A Quarkonization Implementation

Infrastructural facilities are built-in modules and components in Quark Cloud, a smart cloud of distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Quark Space

A Dassetization Implementation

Constitutional facilities are available for users in Quark Space, an omni digital asset management platform for the Quarkonium system.

Emulators and an omni ledger plays essential roles in the Quarkonium system.


Link Description
Algobet Labs alliance of project initiatives and innovations
Algobet Gitlab project code collaboration, members only
Algobet Roadmap checklist of Algobet Labs projects
Quarkonium the project homepage
Quarkonium Docs the project documentation
Quarkonium Demo the project demonstration
Quarkonium VR implementation in virtual reality scenes
Algorand, POS the blockchain, proof of sortition
POC Product Description
Allbotization Quark OS the Internet operating system
Tokenization Quark Coin the dasset utilities token system
Quarkonization Quark Cloud the smart cloud
Dassetization Quark Space the digital space
Internet of Value Quark Vast the value at space time
Intention Economy Quark I3 the interstellar intention Internet
Emulator Description
Blokaly the public utilities emulator
Dasset the omni digital asset emulator
Allbot the digital production emulator
App Name Description
DAL Digital Asset Legacy a value documentary
DAO Digital Asset Omnificence a value transmitter
DAP Digital Asset Platform a transvaluation platform
DAS Digital Asset System a value transformer
DID Digital Identity a digital fingerprint
DOT Digital Omni Terminal a producer interface
BAO Blockchain Asset Omnificence a Dapp engine
BIX Blockchain Information Exchange a protocol engine