Blockchain Asset Omnificence

BAO is a build-in transformation tool for the Dasset system throughout the lifecycle of any dasset(an omni format of digital asset) upon its creation or registration in the system.

How to Use

As a system-wide built-in tool, BAO is used by account throughout the account lifetime. To be specified, accountis a mandate element of a typical bao Hence, a user could always keep in mind of BAO toolkits in the Dasset system.

As a born component of the Internet of Value, BAO is associated with the dasset throughout its lifetime. A middleware mechanism is adopted in the bao lifecycle, in which the specified dassetis converted into bud which has no specified owner or other properties. And the reversion happens in the bao decomposition.

A dasset Lifecycle

» Account and Issuer
» Creation or Registration
» Trade and Exchange
» Transfer and Redemption
» Decomposition

A bao Lifecycle

» Composition and Initiation
» Send or Cook
» Interstellar
» Accept or Reject
» Decomposition

A Use Case

» Bob, a genesis admin account, login the Dasset system with the Dasset Account (DAC) and private key.

» Bob created a market named "Coupon" by clicking a button in the admin console. Technically, Bob activated the system to create a validator address (a public key) so as to initiate a channel according to the blockchain information exchange (BIX) protocol.

» Dassetbucks, a coupon issuer, login the Dasset system with the DAC and private key. And then register a quantitative dasset named "BUK" with a nominal of up to 50, and a hasset named "BUK T&C" with a hash generated by uploading a file to another simulator.

» Dassetbucks sent 50 "BUK" attached with "BUK T&C" to a regular user Andy through BAO/Outbox. Andy accepted the 50 "BUK" through BAO/Inbox. These two transactions are recorded in a decentralized and immutable ledger, i.e., blockchain.

» Dassetbucks and Andy can see the status of the transactions in their Dasset system.

» Dassetbucks again sent 20 "BUK" with "BUK T&C" to Charlie through BAO/Outbox. Charlie rejected the offer through BAO/Inbox. Then Dassetbucks has to accept the turnback in the BAO/Inbox.

» Someday, Andy dropped in at Dassetbucks' shop and asked to pay by "BUK". Dassetbucks checked the cart and issued a payment code of 23 "BUK" through BAO/Request with a QR Code. Andy accepted the payment request in BAO/Payment. Neither Dassetbucks nor Andy needs to check the validity of the "BUK" as the default Authenticator checked all the logics of the "BUK" and "BUK T&C". To be noted, the Authenticator was born appointed upon the registration of "BUK" and "BUK T&C".

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